Bohinj: Triglav - Krn - Crna Prst

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Bohinj area of the Triglav National Park in the Julian Alps on an excellent GPS compatible hiking map at 1:25,000 from Sidarta with on the reverse detailed information on 40 mountain huts, lists of climbing sites and interesting natural features, etc.

The map, which won the “Topographic Map of the Year” award at the 2011 Conference Cartographique International in Paris, covers most of the southern part of the Triglav National Park, extending from the northern slopes of Triglav itself to the park’s southern boundary and, west-east, from the peak of Krn to beyond Crna Prst and Bohinjska Bistrica.

Cartography vividly presents the area’s topography through contours at 10m intervals enhanced by shading and graphic relief. An overprint highlights waymarked hiking paths, graded into easy, difficult and very difficult. Also marked is the course of the Slovenian Mountain Way long-distance route and recommended ski trails. The map indicates locations of mountain huts and campsites, climbing and paragliding sites, as well as various places of natural or cultural interest. On local roads locations of petrol stations are marked. The map has a 1-km UTM grid.

On the reverse is information about the area’s 40 mountain huts, each shown in a separate panel with a drawing of the building, number of beds, opening months and contact details. Each panel also includes information on paths leading to/from the hut to other huts, important peaks and/or parking facilities. Most panels are illustrated with drawings of the surrounding mountain landscape overprinted with hiking routes.

Also provided are lists of climbing and paragliding locations, interesting natural sites, plus cultural sites and local museums.

Map legend and all the text include English.
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Department Russia and E. Europe
Edition 2011
Format Folded Map
ISBN 3830008646316
Publisher Sidarta
Scale 1:25,000
Section Russia & Eastern Europe Maps
Size Unfolded 121x86cm
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