Budapest - A Cultural & Literary History

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For more than fifty years prior to the Second World War, Budapest was one of the outstanding cultural capitals of Central Europe, on a par with, and in some ways in advance of Vienna and Prague. This book presents its rich and often turbulent history, its unique thermal baths, its excellent public transport system, its street cafes, and more.
Budapest in the Cities of the Imagination guide series; providing an in-depth cultural and historical exploration of some of the great city landscapes of the world. Presented as a cultural and literary guide, each title in the series explores the history of the city, providing an overview of the city’s development from its earliest roots to the modern day. Particular emphasis is placed on the literary, poetic, architectural, cultural and historical elements that make up the city and each title is written and researched by an academic expert. An Epilogue offers thoughts on the future of the city, suggested further reading and indices of literary and historical names and famous places and attractions.
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Author Bob Dent
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Format Paperback
ISBN 9781904955269
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Published 09/01/2007
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Series Cities of the Imagination
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