Carpathian Mountains Kartographia Road Atlas

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Indexed road atlas with city plans. Cyrillic text.
Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains in a handy size, 16 x 23cm paperback atlas, in Cyrillic but with an English map legend, plus detailed street plan of the regions main towns, including Lviv, Chernovitz, Drohobych, Kolomyia, etc.

The atlas presents this fascinating region, once known for its great ethnic and cultural diversity, highlighting numerous places of interest, including historical and architectural monuments, religious buildings, folk craft centres, tourist accommodation including campsites and hostels, etc. Picturesque towns and villages are highlighted, and many are annotated with dates of their foundation or first mention in written records. Road network includes dirt tracks and country lanes, gives distance on main and secondary routes, and shows locations of fuels supplies and border crossings. Railways indicate narrow gauge lines and show stations. Topography is shown by spot heights, with colouring and graphics indicating forested areas, vineyards and swamps. Boundaries of national parks and other protected areas a prominently marked. The maps have latitude lines at intervals of 10’, with longitude at 15’.

All place names are shown in Cyrillic only and, apart from the English map legend, all the text is in Ukrainian. This includes lists of main places of interest which annotate all the road maps and street plans. The atlas has a separate index of localities and a distance table.

Also included are detailed street plans, some spread over several pages, showing 11 main towns in the region. The plans, annotated with main places of interest and various facilities including tourist accommodation, show: Lviv, Chernovitz, Drohobych, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khotyn, Kolomyia, Morshyn, Mukacheve, Striy, Truskavetz and Uzhgorod.

Given the region’s history, listing all the alternative transliterations of their names would prove to be a daunting task. For Chernovitz or Chernivtsi alone Wikipedia shows: Cernauti (Romanian), Cernovicy (German, alternate transliteration from the Ukrainian Cyrillic), Cernowitz (Yiddish, alternate form), Cérnivci (Ukrainian, 2nd most common Roman transliteration), Cernivcy (Ukrainian, alternate transliteration), Cernovce (Russian, alternate transliteration), Cernovcy (Russian, alternate transliteration), Cernovice (Czech/Slovak), Chernivci (Ukrainian, alternate transliteration), Chernivcy (Ukrainian, alternate transliteration), Chernivtcy (Ukrainian, alternate transliteration), Chernivtsi (Ukrainian, commonest English transliteration), Chernovcy (Russian, alternate transliteration), Chernovicy (Yiddish, alternate Roman transliteration of the Russian Cyrillic form), Chernovits (Yiddish, alternate transliteration), Chernovitse (Yiddish, rare transliteration into Roman script of the Ukrainian Cyrillic transliteration), Chernovitsy (Ukrainian, Yiddish, rare alternate transliteration), Chernovitz (Yiddish, alternate form), Chernovtsy (Russian), Chernowitz (Yiddish, alternate transliteration), Csernivci (Hungarian, alternate transliteration from the current Ukrainian Cyrillic name), Csernovic (Hungarian), Csernyivci (Hungarian, transliteration from the current Ukrainian Cyrillic name), Czernovicensia (Latin, ecclesiastical), Czerniowce (Polish), Czernovitz (Yiddish, alternate transliteration), Czernowitz (German), Tchernowcy (Yiddish, transliteration from the Russian Cyrillic form), Tjernivtsi (Norwegian, Swedish, transliterated from the Ukrainian Cyrillic original), Tscherniwzi (German, transliteration from the Ukrainian Cyrillic, from German version of 'Yurij Fedkovytsch Czernowitzer Nationaler Universität', i.e. 'Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University' website, 2005), Tschernovits (Yiddish, alternate trasliteration), Tschernowitz (German, archaic, non-standard form), Tshernevits (Yiddish, alternate transliteration), Tshernovits (Yiddish, current standard transliteration)!

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