Cultureshock! India

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CultureShock! India will give you a good feel of the life and activities of the Indian people and help you enjoy your stay in the country.
About the Book CultureShock! India helps you understand this country that has more than 4,000 separate communities and where over 300 different languages are spoken. Learn to maneuver through the structure and varieties of Indian society, and appreciate the traditions and values that bind the people together despite their differences. Peppered with personal anecdotes, this book gives practical advice to avoid cultural misunderstandings as well as tips to facilitate your move to the country, including information on how to find a suitable home, how to get around, what schools and facilities are available for your family and what to expect from the work environment.

Complete with delightful chapters on food, entertaining, leisure activities and festivals. About the Series CultureShock! is a comprehensive, dynamic and indispensable guide for travelers looking to truly understand the countries they are visiting, as well as expatriates settling into a new assignment in a foreign land. Each title explains the customs, traditions, social and business etiquette in a lively and informative style.

CultureShock! Authors, all of whom have experienced the joys and pitfalls of cultural adaptation, provide warm and informative advice to those who seek to integrate seamlessly into diverse cultures. The books have a friendly and honest writing style and are full of personal experiences, practical advise and useful information"
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Author Seow, Lynelle
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Department Indian Subcontinent
Format Paperback
ISBN 9789814561471
Pages 304
Published 04/05/2017
Publisher Marshall Cavendish Books
Section India Travel Guides
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