Egypt Culture Shock!

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A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette in Egypt
Egypt in Marshall Cavendish's Culture Shock! Series; comprising a range of guides that inform visitors of the finer points and details relating to social etiquette, traditions and customs; bringing visitors to a sensitive yet substantial understanding of the country or city in question. The series targets those who are planning long stays in the destination or extended periods of residence.

The guides are written by authors who have experienced the joys and pitfalls of cultural adaptation, and so are ideally placed to provide informative and relevant advice. Each title contains insights into local culture and traditions, guidance on adapting to the local environment, linguistic help and lots of general advice about local culture and idiosyncrasies to help prepare readers for their visit.

Each title is structured similarly, beginning with the first impressions a visitor might expect to have. The guides aim to help readers understand the local culture through first appreciating the motivations, beliefs and attitudes of the local people. Practical advice on settling in is provided, with focused sections on accommodation, utilities, health, education and telecommunications. There is also extensive information on the destination’s culture, food and leisure, in addition to a specific section addressing the concerns of those travelling on business.
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Author Wilson, Susan L.
Availability IP
Department Middle East
Edition 4th ed.
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780761456650
Pages 330
Published 01/04/2011
Publisher Marshall Cavendish Books
Section Egypt
Series Culture Shock! Guides
Size Unfolded 13x21cm
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