Europe Etymological Map (Atlas of True Names)

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The Atlas of True Names reveals the etymological roots, or original meanings, of the familiar terms on today's map of Europe. For instance, where you would normally expect to see London indicated, the ‘Atlas’ gives you "Hillfort. The 'True Names' of 1500 cities, countries, rivers, oceans and mountain ranges are displayed on this fascinating map, which includes a comprehensive index of derivations.

Etymology is the study of the origin and history of words. For the first time, the Atlas of True Names uses etymology to give us an unusual insight into familiar geographical names - with intriguing results......

Many geographical names are clearly rooted in Man’s observation of his natural environment; the physical location of a settlement: “At the Foot of the Mountain” - Piedmont, the character of an important water course: “The Gentle One” - The Seine or even just the local vegetation: “Under the Oaks” - Potsdam.

Unsurprisingly, countries and landscapes often derive their names from the characteristics of the people who lived there: “Great Land of the Tattooed” - Great Britain, whilst local mythology and regional rulers also frequently leave their legacy: “Isle of the Monster’s Eye” - Peleponnese or “Illustrious Emperor” - Zaragoza.

The Atlas of True Names restores an element of enchantment to the world we all think we know so well. It takes the reader on a journey into the unknown - a unique exploration of uncharted territory in that familiar place we all know as ‘home’.
Take a look at the world through fresh eyes!
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