Everything Passes, Everything Remains: Freewheelin' Through Spain, Song and Memory

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Everything Passes, Everything Remains takes us freewheelin' through Spain, song and memory as Chris Dolan documents his lifelong journey from Glasgow to Valencia. Along the way Dolan explores Spain's history, and future, through stories of the great writers before him and the friends around him.
How would any of us feel if we could meet our teenage selves, a ghost on the road? Everything Passes, Everything Remains is a confluence of journeys, made by Chris Dolan, his friends, and writers before him. It's a bit about cycling, a bit about walking, and a bit about buses. It's a kind of travelogue, over time, and through some lesser-known parts of Spain. It's an obsession with Spain's writers and its history, from the Inquisition to the Civil War to the questions it faces as a country today. What makes a nation, or a family for that matter, or a group of friends? In many ways it's as much about Scotland and the UK as Spain.
But mostly it's about growing up and growing older - how the past plays merry hell with the present. About friendship, loss, music, writing. And it's about memory, and the tricks it plays.
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Author Dolan, Chris
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Department Cycling
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781912235780
Pages 288
Published 05/11/2020
Publisher Saraband
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