Into the Crocodile Nest: Journey Inside New Guinea

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The author convinces a tribe in remote New Guinea to allow him to become initiated along with 15 boys due to undergo the rite of passage into manhood. Their totemic god is the crocodile and crocodile marks are carved onto their bodies with sharpened bamboo.
This is the story of Benedict Allen's extraordinary quest to immerse himself in the heart of New Guinea, and learn the secrets of the people's harmonious communion with the forest. Living among missionaries in West Papua, he heard talk of the mysterious Obini, and set out on an arduous journey to meet them - only to find himself fleeing for his life in the jungle. Undeterred, he sought out members of a tribal crocodile cult who would permit him to take part in their traditional initiation rites into manhood, and finally became the first white man to be honoured with this privilege. But this was the beginning of a punishing ordeal, as Allen joined his fellow initiates in seclusion for weeks, enduring crocodile markings being carved into their skins, until finally, pushed to the limits of endurance, they came to embody the "crocodile spirit".
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Author Allen, Benedict
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Department Travel Writing
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Format Paperback
ISBN 9780571206223
Pages 240
Published 04/02/2002
Publisher Faber and Faber
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