Kazakhstan Political Wall Map

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Kazakhstan Political Wall Map at 1:3,000,000 from Gizi Map, size 120 x 88 cm / 47" x 34.5" approx, with different background colouring for all the countries covered by the map, an index of localities on the reverse, plus a street plan of Astana showing locations of important buildings, hotels, etc.

The map provides good coverage of the adjoining regions, extending well beyond Kazakhstan’s borders to include the other four Central Asian countries (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan), as well as part of western China, Pakistan north of Islamabad/Rawalpindi/Peshawar, the northern half of Afghanistan with Kabul, a large part of Iran with Teheran and Isfahan, the whole of the Caspian Sea, plus the border region of Russia from Volgograd to Novosibirsk. All place names are in the Latin alphabet.

The map shows the region’s rail and road networks, including dirt tracks, and gives driving distances on major routes. Local airports are marked and the map shows names and boundaries of Kazakhstan’s administrative provinces. Topography is shown by names of mountain ranges, etc, plus graphics indicating deserts, salt flats, etc. National parks are highlighted, as are the various routes of the Silk Road. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 2° intervals. The index, separate for each country covered by the map, is on the reverse. Map legend includes English.

A large inset provides a street plan of Astana, indicating locations of various important institutions, selected foreign embassies and hotels, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: this map is also available in a folded version, plus in an alternative geographical edition with political colouring replaced by bold altitude colouring, and without the street plan of Astana. Like this title, the geographical edition is also published in either a folded format or as a wall map.
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Weight 0.000000
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Department Flat Maps
Format Sheet map, rolled
ISBN XL140500
Publisher Gizi Map
Scale 1:3,000,000
Section Rest of The World Flat Maps
Size Unfolded 120 x 88 cm / 47" x 34.5" approx.
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