Kurdistan +100: Stories from a Future State

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The third instalment of Comma's popular series showcasing science fiction stories from the Middle East, this time asking the authors to write stories set 100 years after the Mahabad, home of the short-lived Republic.
Kurdistan + 100 poses a question to twelve contemporary Kurdish writers: might the Kurds have a country to call their own by the year 2046 - exactly a century after the last glimmer of independence (the short-lived Kurdish Republic of Mahabad)? Or might the struggle for independence have taken new turns and new forms?

Throughout the 20th century (and so far in the 21st), the Kurds have been betrayed, suppressed, stripped of their basic rights (from citizenship to the freedom to speak their own language) and had their political aspirations crushed at every turn.

In this groundbreaking anthology, Kurdish authors (including several former political prisoners, and one currently serving a 183-year sentence for his views) imagine a freer future, one in which it is no longer effectively illegal to be a Kurd. From future eco-activism, to drone warfare, to the resuscitation of victims of past massacres, these stories explore different sides of the present struggle through the metaphor of futurism to dazzling effect.

The first anthology of Kurdish science fiction ever collected and published in the UK, we have invited authors from all parts of 'Kurdistan' and the diaspora to write specially commissioned stories set in their own versions of the future.
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Published 18/05/2023
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