Lesser Sunda Islands - Bali to East Timor Reise Know-How

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Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia at 1:800,000 on light, waterproof and tear-resistant plastic paper, with both topographic and tourist information. The map, part of Reise Know-How's highly acclaimed "World Mapping Project", is double-sided to provide the best balance between a good scale and a convenient size sheet. On one side are Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba and the western part of Flores, and on the reverse eastern Flores and Timor, plus the smaller islands of Sawu Sea and the Wetar Straights (Adonara, Lembata, Pantar, Alor, Aruaro, Liran, Wetar, Romang and Kisar), plus Sawu and Rote Islands.

Topography is shown by altitude colouring with spot heights and graphics indicating volcanoes and coastal coral reefs. Road network on individual islands includes selected local tracks. Local airports and ferry connections to other islands of the Indonesian archipelago are also shown. Internal administrative units within Indonesia are shown with their boundaries and names. National parks and other protected areas are highlighted. A wide range of symbols shows various places of interest including UNESCO sites, temples, hot springs and other natural features, beaches and diving sites, etc. The map is indexed and has latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 1° intervals. Map legend includes English. Also provided is an inset showing the whole of Indonesia at 1:14,500,000.

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Department South East Asia
Format Folded Waterproof Map
ISBN 9783831774319
Publisher Reise Know-How
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Scale 1:800,000
Section South East Asia Maps
Series Indonesia: Reise-Know How Regional Maps
Size Folded 10x25cm
Size Unfolded 100x70cm
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