London Made Us: A Memoir of a Shape-Shifting City

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A personal journey - part anecdotal, part impressionistic - through London's constantly shifting cityscape by BBC Radio London's Robert Elms
"London is a giant kaleidoscope, which is forever turning. Take your eye off it for more than a moment and you're lost."

Robert Elms has seen his beloved city change beyond all imagining. London in his lifetime has morphed from a piratical, bomb-scarred playground, to a swish cosmopolitan metropolis. Motorways driven through lost communities, accents changing, skyscrapers appearing. Yet still it remains to him the greatest place on earth.

Elms takes us back through time and place to myriad Londons. He is our guide through a place that has seen scientific experiments conducted in subterranean lairs and a small community declare itself an independent nation; a place his great-great-grandfather made the Elms' home over a century ago and a city that has borne witness to world-changing events.
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Author Elms, Robert
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Department London
Edition Main
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781786892133
Pages 320
Published 02/04/2020
Publisher Canongate Books
Section London Attractions
Size Unfolded 198x129mm
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