Nazare: Life and Death with the Big Wave Surfers

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Nazare delves into the lives of a select band of surfers who gather in this small Portuguese fishing village with one aim: to surf the biggest wave ever recorded.
Join the quest to surf the biggest wave in history.

Welcome to Nazare, home to the big-wave surfers risking it all - their search to ride the Everest of the ocean - the 100-foot wave.

Sports journalist Matt Majendie is welcomed into the inner circle of Nazare's tight community of extreme thrill-seekers, living among them for a season as he chronicles their incredible highs and terrifying lows.

Join a cast of fascinating characters, from surfing scientists to big-wave addicts, as they battle fear, each other and nature itself.
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Author Majendie, Matt
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Department Outdoor Pursuits
Format Hardback
ISBN 9781802792003
Pages 312
Published 11/05/2023
Publisher Royal Botanic Gardens
Section Surfing
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