Pays de la Loire and the Cher

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The lower Loire from the Mayenne to St. Nazaire, the Mayenne, the Sarthe and the Oudon, plus the Cher and the Canal du Berry in a series of guides to France’s inland waterways from Editions de Chabassol/Editions du Plaisancier with clear, detailed mapping showing the route with locks, moorings, navigational hazards, etc, and adjoining localities with available facilities.

The maps, accompanied by excellent drawings of the bridges, provide (at least in the eyes of an uninformed outsider writing this description) a much more detailed and precise picture of the route than can be found in other similar series, showing locks, buoys and marker stakes, weirs, shoals, mooring posts etc. Features useful for establishing one’s exact locations such as overhead power lines are included and localities along the route are annotated with symbols indicating a very wide range of facilities both directly connected with navigating (fuel, water, repairs, etc.) as well as restaurants, shops, overnight accommodation, etc.

The size of the map panels varies from title to title, with some of the guides opening into a landscape format to provide panels with longer stretches of the route. Navigating instructions, sightseeing tips and photographs are usually placed together with the maps and, where appropriate, contact details are included. Where a guide covers several canals or rivers, a detailed summary of navigational information is provided at the beginning of the relevant chapter. Recent editions also include numerous advertisements for various facilities, mainly, as expected, local restaurants.

*All of the text, explanations and the map legend are in French, English and German.*

*Please note:*

* The co-publishers of this series, Editions de Plaisancier are also known as Editions Vagnon, and other publications on French waterways often refer to them by that name. Most of the guides in this series have now “Guides Chagnon” as their official name.

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