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The nationally syndicated columnist and bestselling author of '¡Ask a Mexican!' presents a fascinating and tasty trip through the history and culture of Mexican food in this country, uncovering great stories and charting the cuisine's tremendous popularity in el Norte. Arellano's fascinating narrative combines history, cultural criticism, food writing, personal anecdotes, and Jesus on a tortilla.

In seemingly every decade for over a century, America has tried new culinary trends from south of the border, loved them, and demanded the next big thing. As a result, Mexican food dominates American palates to the tune of billions of dollars in sales per year, from canned refried beans to tortilla wraps and ballpark nachos. It's a little-known history, one that's crept up on this country and left us better for it.
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Author Arellano, Gustavo
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Department Food and Drink
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781439148624
Pages 310
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Section Food and Drink
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