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Tajikistan Travel Guide - Travel tips and tourist information including Dushanbe highlights, hotels and restaurants, homestays, trekking and ancient sites. Also covering the Wakhan Corridor, Silk Road, Pamir Highway, Sarazm and the Tajik National Park UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Garm Chashma bathing springs, kashi and Tajik culture and Lake Sarez.
This new, thoroughly updated third edition of Bradt's Tajikistan is the most practical guide dedicated exclusively to this breathtaking country, central Asia's smallest but home to the biggest tea house in the world! Bradt's Tajikistan caters for all interests, whether you're a nature lover, explorer, just want to soak up the stunning surroundings, or a wildlife enthusiast in search of eagles, elusive snow leopard or extraordinary Marco Polo sheep. Locals call Tajikistan 'Bam-i-Dunya', the Roof of the World, and travelling the Pamir Highway you can understand why. With first-hand descriptions of everything from Sogdian ruins to playing the traditional sport of buz kashi, trekking on the Murghab Plateau and eating shashlik in garden tea houses, the authors bring the country alive.
This latest edition covers all the most recent developments, notably the significant increase in hotels, restaurants, guesthouses and homestays, along with improvements to travel and transport, all following the government's investment in tourism. New attractions are also featured, including the new cable car in Khujand over the Sirdarya river and new trekking destinations, festivals and exhibitions. There are also details of which sites require additional permits and permissions and how much they cost, and where border crossings have been closed or have become more accessible.
Mountains, crystal clear lakes (including Lake Sarez), wildlife and epic trekking routes are all here, as well as ancient Buddhist sites, Silk Road trading posts, medieval shrines, and planned Soviet cities. The modern population continues to draw upon its diverse heritage from Persia, China, Afghanistan, and Russia, creating a complex and intriguing culture. Bradt's Tajikistan covers every corner of the country, from the Wakhan Corridor to the Fann Mountains and Garm Chashma springs, Dushanbe to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Sarazm and Tajik National Park, making this comprehensive guide an ideal companion for a perfect trip whether travelling independently or on an organised tour.
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Author Ibbotson, Sophie
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Edition 3rd Revised ed
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Published 19/10/2020
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