The Glorious Geology of Iceland's Golden Circle

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This is the first book describing the glorious geology of Iceland's Golden Circle and four additional excursions:(1) the beautiful valleys and mountains of the fjord of Hvalfjordur, (2) the unique landscape and geothermal fields of the Hengill Volcano, (3) the explosion craters, volcanic fissures, and lava fields of the Reykjanes Peninsula, and (4) the volcanoes (Hekla, Eyjafjallajokull, Katla), waterfalls, sandur plains, and rock columns of South Iceland.

The Golden Circle offers a unique opportunity to observe and understand many of our planet's forces in action. These forces move the Earth's tectonic plates, rupture the crust, and generate earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, channels for rivers and waterfalls, and heat sources for hot springs and geysers. The Golden Circle includes the famous rifting and earthquake fracture sites at Thingvellir, the hot springs of the Geysir area, the waterfall of Gullfoss, and the Kerid volcanic crater.

As the book is primarily intended for people with no background in geosciences, no geological knowledge is assumed and technical terms are avoided as far as possible (those used are explained in a glossary). With more than 240 illustrations - mostly photographs - explaining geological structures and processes, it is also a useful resource for geoscientists.
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Author Gudmundsson, Agust
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Department Scandinavia and Polar Regions
Edition 1st ed. 2017
Format Paperback
ISBN 9783319551517
Pages 334
Published 27/06/2017
Publisher Springer Verlag
Section Iceland
Series GeoGuide
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