The Hills Were Joyful Together: A Big Jubilee Read featured title

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This novel, set in a yard which is a microcosm of Kingston slum life, sets out as Mais himself said to give "a true picture of the real Jamaica and the dreadful condition of the working classes." Selected for The Big Jubilee Read.
Struggling to survive in the Kingston tenement yard, Surjue falls under the spell of the trickster figure Flitters. Arrested for robbery, he finds himself sentenced to the appalling world of a Jamaican colonial prison, far from his woman, surrounded by his suffering people.

This is a brutal and stark novel, full of Mais s prophetic rage and railing against the imprisonment felt both inside and outside jail. And whilst the novel displays an unflinching and deeply distressing realism, it is unquestionably also a work of art with a genuinely tragic vision.
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Author Mais, Roger
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Department Literature
Edition Revised ed.
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781845231002
Pages 320
Published 08/05/2017
Publisher Peepal Tree
Section Literature
Series Caribbean Modern Classics
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