The Magnetic North - Travels in the Arctic

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Smashing through the Arctic Ocean with the crew of a Russian icebreaker, herding reindeer across the tundra with Lapps and shadowing the Trans-Alaskan pipeline with truckers, the author discovers a complex and ambiguous land belonging both to ancient myth and modern controvery.
In 'The Magnetic North', Sara Wheeler documents her journeys around the Arctic regions of the globe. The book is the product of two years of smaller trips that add up to a circular, anti-clockwise voyage around the top of the inhabited world: from Siberia to Alaska, to Canada, to Greenland, to Spitsbergen, to Lapland and back to Russia, to the White Sea.

The book is part travelogue, part Arctic history, part scientific and political debate and part elegy to a fast changing region of the earth in the 21st century. Wheeler examines the allure of the Arctic and its hold on our imaginations, and encounters the people who live and work on the edge of the world in a book that tells of men eating boots, gulag ghosts and toxic polar bears…
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Author Sara Wheeler
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Department Travel Writing
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780099516880
Pages 368
Published 06/05/2010
Publisher Vintage
Section Travel Writing: Expeditions
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