The Pebble Spotter's Guide - National Trust Edition

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A beautiful little guide to one of life's simple pleasures - pebble spotting. Where science meets mindfulness. Learn to appreciate their beauty, discover the amazing journey that brought them to you, search for the rare ones. Leave no stone unturned.
Turn a day on the beach or a seaside holiday stroll into a treasure hunt with this lovely little guide to identifying pebbles.

Pebble spotting is one of life's simple joys. There's nothing quite like searching the rocks on a beach until that special one catches your eye - a perfect shape, a gorgeous colour, an intriguing pattern.

But what is it? Use this beautifully illustrated little guide to find out, and to discover your pebble's fascinating life story and secrets. It could be even more special than you thought...

Geologist and passionate pebble spotter Clive Mitchell has created a charming and wonderfully browsable book that is a perfect companion to a day out or holiday, or an idle moment at home.

This book contains entries on 40 different types of pebble, complete with detailed facts about the composite rock's structure and where to find them, with examples including:

Feldspar veins
Spotted slates
Granite ovoids
The rare rhomb porphyry - the holy grail of pebble hunting

The book includes a space to ruminate on your own findings, taking note of the treasures that you pick up along the way and discovering the secrets of the stones beneath your feet.

The Pebble Spotter's Guide is the perfect introduction to everything you didn't know there was to know about the mindful pleasure of pebble spotting and the wonder of pebbles. Simply sit on a beach or next to a stream for 10 minutes and find amazing treasures at your feet; there is much to discover.
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Author Mitchell, Clive
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Department Natural History
Format Hardback
ISBN 9781911657514
Pages 112
Published 03/03/2022
Publisher Pavilion Books
Section Natural History
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