The Pub Lover's Guide to London

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From the Roman conquest to the passing of legislation protecting the rights of LGBTQ+, the history of London is one of diversity, integration and progress - never standing still and always setting the agenda. Metropolitan London has around 7,000 public houses - an average of 25 pubs per square mile. No other capital city in the world matches this density. It's not surprising that the London pub is such an institution at home and abroad! Pubs were part and parcel of the expansion of London - that grew to be the world's largest city by the 1830s. Because pubs are omnipresent in the capital, a pub can always be found near a place of historical significance. This book selects some key moments in the history of London, from Roman times to the modern day, and suggests a popular pub nearby to savour the moment - re-living the history with a drink in hand! _The Pub Lover's Guide to London_ explains the driving forces behind the most significant moments in the history of London - and the best pubs near to where history was made. In all, 52 great pubs to visit - one for each week of the year!
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