The Tuareg or Kel Tamasheq: The People Who Speak Tamasheq and a History of the Sahara

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This timely and inspiring book tells the story of what has happened in the Sahara and what is happening today. It is a story constantly misunderstood and misrepresented, but here revealed and described with absolute authority and sympathy. The accompanying colour photographs capture the grandeur of the Sahara and its elegant and resourceful people.
Romanticised by nineteenth-century explorers as mysterious 'people of the veil', but with a reputation tooas fearsome warriors, the Tuareg have been guardians of the Sahara for over one thousand years. Survivingin one of the most pitiless and inhospitable terrains on earth, they controlled the lucrative caravan tradingroutes until nineteenth- and twentieth-century colonization followed by twenty-first century global politicsand the rise of political Islam, jihadism and terrorism fragmented their society and way of life.And yet the unique and distinctive Tuareg culture, with its ancient Tifinagh script and traditions ofproverbs, poetry and song and strict behavioural codes, survives despite pressures on a proud race.With an introduction by Robin Hanbury-Tenison, a preface by JustinMarozzi, and contributions from Ghoubeid Alojaly, Edmond Bernus,Suzanne Bernus, Henrietta Butler, Pierre Boilley, Henri Delord,Jean-Marc Durou, Berny Sebe, Akli Sh'kka and Jeremy SwiftThe photographer Henrietta Butler has masterminded and edited this volume and the accompanyingTuareg exhibition in London at The Royal Geographical Society in June has assembled a team of renowned experts whose common theme is above all their passionate interestin these marginalised peoples who find their way of life and culture now so challenged.
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Author Butler, Henrietta
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ISBN 9781906509309
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Published 04/06/2015
Publisher Unicorn Press
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