Tirana Prefecture

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Tirana Prefecture at 1:130,000 in a series of handy size, waterproof and tear-resistant, contoured and GPS compatible road maps from the Tirana-based publishers Vektor. Landscape is presented by altitude colouring and contours lines at 100m intervals, with spot heights and a few more names of topographic features than found on Vektor’s 200K road maps of the country. National parks and nature reserves are prominently highlighted. The prefecture maps appear to show the same small local dirt roads as in the 200K series, but given the increase in scale do so with greater clarity and also provide more detailed GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 5’ intervals), useful when travelling across the more remote parts of the country.

Railway lines are included and local airports are marked. Symbols highlight campsites, beaches, archaeological and historical sites, caves, etc. The maps also show subdivisions of prefectures and names of the communes, and indicate administrative status of towns. Map legend includes English.

Please note: border crossings are prominently marked but beyond topographic colouring no road or other information is provided outside the country’s borders.
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Weight 0.000000
Author Vektor
Availability IP
Department Russia and E. Europe
Format Folded Waterproof Map
ISBN 9789604488117
Published 31/05/2013
Publisher Vektor Editions
Reference 384
Scale 1:130,000
Section Russia & Eastern Europe Maps
Series Albania: Vektor Administrative Prefecture Maps
Size Folded 12x24.5cm
Size Unfolded 69x49cm
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