Underground England - Travels Beneath our Cities and Countryside

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* A fascinating and illuminating travelogue and 'alternative' history of England, as seen from below ground
Underground England by Stephen Smith takes an extraordinary and original look at our island nation - from below. Smith quite literally delves into the unknown country underneath ploughed fields, cliff tops and market towns. Underground London explores rudimentary earth dwellings and hidden Cold War cities; sulphurous natural springs and manmade underground waterways; priest holes and subterranean nooks created with more sinister purposes in mind.

The author visits the endless military tunnels built below Chatham since the Napoleonic Wars; and the secret labyrinth quarried out under Liverpool by a religious eccentric. He gets into tight spots with speleologists, and gamely ventures down haunted tunnels and into the mythical resting-places of English kings.

A fascinating and eye-opening exploration of the world that lies beneath our feet.
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Author Stephen Smith
Availability POD
Department Travel Writing
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780349120386
Pages 320
Published 04/02/2010
Publisher Little Brown and Company
Section Travel Writing: General
Size Unfolded 13x20cm
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