Vatican City Gizi Map

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The Vatican and the adjoining districts of Rome with Castel Sant’Angelo on a detailed, informative and beautifully presented street plan from Gizi Map with additional plans of Saint Peter’s, the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel, the grotto with papal tombs, etc.

The street plan is drawn at 1:2,250 with exceptional clarity and attention to detail not often found on present day maps, and covers the whole of the Vatican City, extending along both banks of the Tiber beyond Castel Sant’Angelo to Piazza Cavour. Streets with bus services show both line numbers and stops. The plan also shows locations of hotels indicating their star rating. Both within the Vatican and in the rest of the plan individual important buildings and churches are named.

The plan also names various sections of St Peter’s and Vatican’s famous museums, indicating locations of several important treasures, the Pietá, the School of Athens, etc. Further information is provided on three separate panels showing in great detail the interior of the basilica, the ceiling and the walls of the Sistine Chapel, plus the grottoes with papal tombs and the necropolis below.

Names of buildings, churches, etc, are given in both Italian and English (even if in some cases the translations may be unnecessary or quirky). Names of popes, panels in Michelangelo’s ceiling, etc, are in English. Multilingual map legend is in English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Polish and Hungarian.

Rome’s historic centre within the city’s old walls is shown on a separate street plan at 1:30,000 indicating the seven hills, locations of the ancient sites, important churches and other buildings, metro lines and stations, etc. An additional panel on the map cover shows a road map of the environs of Rome, including both international airports and access to the Pope’s summer residence in Castel Gandolfo.

A beautiful, thoughtfully designed map not just for visitors to Rome but also for anyone who is interested in art or history, or simply needs to be persuaded that digitalization has not ruined cartographic skills in map publishing.

Please note: this title is also available, to order only, as a wall map.
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Department Italy
Format Sheet map, folded
ISBN 9786155010095
Published 14/10/2012
Publisher Gizi Map
Scale 1:2,250
Section Italian Maps
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