Wild Design: The Architecture of Nature

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Wild Design reveals the wonders of the natural world as never seen before, through the stunning, extraordinary, and functional forms created by animals, plants, and other organisms all around us.
Nature is the original architect, designing and building extraordinary structures through more than four billion years of evolution, and in response to the tremendous forces of the Earth.

Wild Design celebrates wild design in the world of animals, plants, and other organisms, as well as in earth, stone, and water. This illustrated compendium explores structures as intricate as the microscopic glass" cases of jewel-like diatoms, as flamboyant as the festooned leks of bowerbirds, and as mysterious as the towering hoodoos of the Colorado Plateau. Bringing together art and science in lush illustrations and lively text, Wild Design is a great gift for anyone curious about the creative genius of the world around us."
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Author Ridley, Kimberly
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Department Natural History
Format Hardback
ISBN 9781648960178
Pages 96
Published 25/11/2021
Publisher Princeton Architectural Press
Section Natural History
Size Unfolded 203x144mm
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