World Global Mapping Political Wall Map LARGE PAPER

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Political map of the world from Global Mapping, large size 138 x 95cm (54" x 37.5" approx.) – paper version, with bright colouring of the individual countries pleasantly contrasted by the light blue oceans, relief shading for mountain ranges on land and the structure of the ocean floor, a panel of country flags, etc. The map is part of Global Mapping series of political maps presenting the world in four different sizes, as indicated below. This particular version has not yet been updated to show South Sudan or the new International Date Line.


FORMAT & SIZES: the maps are available on paper or encapsulated and in four sizes: 199 x 135cm, 138 x 95cm, 99.5 x 69.5cm and 69.5 x 61cm on paper but slightly larger when encapsulated – please see individual entries for exact measurements.

PRESENTATION: country names are in English. Within Europe, city names are as used in their countries (Köln, Wien, Warszawa); elsewhere the names vary (e.g. Viangchan for Vientiane). In USA, Canada, Brazil and Australia the map shows names of states/provinces, with their borders and administrative capitals. Relief shading shows elevation on land and particularly effectively on the ocean floor. On all four sizes clocks show time difference from GMT (but without indicating the exact geographical area covered by each time zone); the International Date Line is not included on the smallest version. Small, medium and large size versions include a panel of country flags under the map.

PLEASE NOTE: as the scale and the size of the map increases, each version includes more cities and more geographical information (mountain ranges, islands, etc).
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Weight 0.000000
Availability IP
Department Flat Maps
Format Sheet map, rolled
ISBN 9781905755820
Pages 1
Publisher Global Mapping
Reference 5
Scale 1:30,000,000
Section Rest of The World Flat Maps
Series World: Global Mapping Political Wall Maps
Size Unfolded 138 x 95cm / 54" x 37.5" approx.
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