World Maps International Physical Wall Map LARGE PAPER

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Size: 136 x 85cm / 4ft 5’’ x 2ft 10” approx.
Large (136 x 85cm / 4ft 5’’ x 2ft 10” approx.), impressive and informative physical map of the world which very successfully combines physical relief with vegetation or terrain colouring and well displayed names of countries and their boundaries.

Excellent relief shading presents the mountainous areas in almost 3-D effect. Peak symbols help to identify the highest mountain on each continent or in various countries. 18 different combinations of colouring and graphics show various types of vegetation and terrain: tundra and glaciers or ice caps; coniferous, mixed or rain forests; savannah, grassland or steppe; sand or rocky deserts, lava fields and salt lakes, arable land, etc.

Country names and their boundaries are clearly displayed, with town symbols indicating national and, where possible, state or provincial capitals. Within USA, Canada, Brazil and Australia state or provincial boundaries are also shown.

On oceans, in addition to different shades of colouring, numerous depth figures are provided. Central Pacific, from Siberia/Alaska to New Zealand, is repeated on both sides of the map for better presentation of that region. Clocks indicate time difference from GMT (but without the maps showing the exact geographical area covered by each time zone). Projection is Van der Grinten.

* This map is also available encapsulated or with hanging strips, plus in a larger size (198 x 123cm / 6ft 6’’ x 4ft approx.), on paper or encapsulated - please click on the link above to see the full list of currently available titles.
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Weight 0.237000
Availability IP
Department Flat Maps
Format Sheet map, rolled
ISBN 9781904892519
Published 10/01/2022
Publisher Maps International
Reference 1
Scale 1:30,000,000
Section Rest of The World Flat Maps
Series World: Maps International Physical Wall Maps
Size Unfolded 136 x 85cm
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