World Michelin Wall Map PAPER

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Size: 144 x 100cm / 4’7” x 3’3” approx.
Political map of the world from Michelin, 144 x 100cm (4’7” x 3’3” approx.), with pleasant subdued colours of different countries contrasted against light blue oceans, and presented with panels of country flags above and below the map.

Country names are in large, clearly legible print. English versions of names are used throughout. Within some larger countries such as USA, Canada and Brazil or Australia internal state or provincial boundaries are indicated. Central Pacific, from Alaska/Siberia to New Zealand, is repeated on both sides of the map for better presentation of that region.

The map has well drawn relief shading to show the mountainous areas like the Rockies or the Andes, enhancing the overall presentation. The colouring of the oceans shows different depths and the extent of the polar ice cap is indicated. Projection is Van der Grinten.

Two insets show Antarctica and the Arctic, both annotated with dates of various exploratory expeditions. Also provided is a panel indicating time zones.

* The map is also available encapsulated, or framed and mounted either on a magnetic board or on a pin board.
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Weight 0.242000
Availability IP
Department Flat Maps
Edition 2016
Format Sheet map, rolled
ISBN 9782061009901
Pages 1
Published 01/02/2003
Publisher Michelin
Reference 1
Scale 1:28,500,000
Section Rest of The World Flat Maps
Series Michelin Wall Maps
Size Unfolded 144 x 100cm
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