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Size 110.5 x 77cm / 3ft 8" x 2ft 6" approx.
NGS Classic political map of the world, poster size 91 x 61cm (36" x 24" approx) – encapsulated version, with the publishers’ characteristic lay-out providing an attractive alternative to the more conventional world maps, countries in white but defined by different colour borders, oceans in bright blue, plus interesting additional features.

All place names are in the English versions. On land subtle relief shading is added to show the topography; peak heights are given in feet. Within USA, Canada and Australia internal state/provincial borders are marked. On the oceans depth are shown in metres and arrows indicate the direction of prevailing winds as well as of hot and cold currents, many shown with names. Four insets present the Arctic and the Antarctic, plus vegetation/land use and population density. Clocks show time difference from GMT (but without the map indicating the exact geographical area covered by each time zone). The map also includes a list of 10 largest countries by area and by populations. Projection is Winkel Tripel, which reduces distortion of land masses as they near the poles.

National Geographic’s “Classic” political maps of the world are available in different sizes and formats (paper, encapsulated or on pin board) plus Pacific-centred – TO SEE THE FULL RANGE OF TITLES IN THIS SERIES PLEASE CLICK ON THE SERIES LINK.

- LAMINATED wall maps have a thin layer of plastic usually applied to the printed side only. They can be written on with suitable marker pens without any damage to the map but, unless laminated on both sides, they are not damp-proof.

- ENCAPSULATED wall maps are sealed between two sheets of plastic. They are more rigid and heavier than laminated maps of the same size. They are damp-proof and do not crinkle in humid conditions. Encapsulation gives the map a shiny surface, similar to being displayed behind glass.

- PLEASE NOTE: many publishers and retailers often use these two terms interchangeably. Our map titles and descriptions follow the definitions provided above.
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Weight 0.218000
Author National Geographic Maps
Availability IP
Department Flat Maps
Edition 2018th ed.
Format Sheet map, rolled
ISBN 9781597752145
Pages 1
Published 02/08/2012
Publisher National Geographic Maps
Reference 2
Scale 1:45,500,000
Section Rest of The World Flat Maps
Series World: National Geographic Society Classic Style Political Wall Maps
Size Unfolded 91 x 61cm / 36" x 24" approx.
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