WWI Trench Map: Givenchy Section

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WWI trench map
Givenchy Secion in a series of British Army trench maps from the WWI, reproduced by G.H. Smith & Son at approximately 7/10th of the original scales quoted against each title. This very detailed hand-drawn map at 1:5,000 shows the sector held by the King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment on 9th June 1918. Included is a photo and notes about 2nd Lieutenant Joseph Henry Collin of the 1st/4th Battalion who won a Victoria Cross there.

Maps in this series show both the British and the enemy trenches. Several titles also indicate supply and ammunition dumps, machine gun and trench mortar emplacements, observation posts, etc. Most titles are annotated with a specific date when they were prepared and include on the reverse a glossary of terms used on the map. Some also include additional information on the regiments and/or individual solders connected with that particular part of the front.

To see other titles in this series please click on the series link.
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Department Historical Books & Maps
Format Folded Map Mini
ISBN X174079
Publisher G H Smith
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Scale 1:5,000
Section Historical Maps
Series Belgium and France: World War 1 Trench Maps of the Western Front
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