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Atlas of Extreme Weathers

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Explore the places where the weather is extreme with this beautiful coffee-table Atlas of Extreme Weather.

This Atlas takes you on a journey to 50 destinations across the planet where wind, hurricanes, gales, frost and sandstorms shape the lives and faces of communities. From a town in Siberia where temperatures can drop to -70 DegreesC, to an Indian city with 12 metres of rainfall every year, to Icelandic moors battered by the wind, the Gulf of Venezuela pounded by lightning and a Japanese city submerged by 7 metres of snow every winter.

Discover a world of extreme weather from the comfort of your own home with this fascinating Atlas of Extreme Weather.

ISBN/EAN: 9782361956998
Author: Pini, Lorenzo
Publication Date: 31/10/2023
Product Type: Hardback
Number of Pages: 160
Publisher: Jonglez

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